Dandeli, Karnataka

Dandeli is a town located on the Western Ghats region in Karnataka. The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is the second largest in Karnataka and houses tigers, leopards, black panthers, elephants, bears, and deer amongst other mammals, several varieties of reptiles and over 250 different birds. The Kali river flows through Dandeli adding to the scenic beauty of this space. I spent my time here at the Dandeli Mist Jungle Stay. They offer three types of accommodation – tree-houses, luxury cottages and tribal cottages. Every meal provided was an excellent buffet of local dishes. We were taken on night safaris and to various view points around Dandeli. Every moment spent here was one with a view. I’m so glad I found another beautiful location so close to home. ❤

Balmuri Falls, Karnataka

Balmuri Falls is located on a portion of the Cauvery river that flows wide over a rocky bed in Karnataka near Mysore. This spot is less than a 150 km drive from Bangalore. It is not really a waterfall, but a long wall that was built in order to slow down the flow of water so that the numerous irrigation canals emanating from this spot can get a constant supply of water. When this dam is full water overflows in a neat long cascade resulting in the ‘falls’.

This was our first stop.

IMG_0646_FotorAs this spot turned out to be over crowded we decided to head up river and find a more secluded spot but before we headed on we decided to jump into the dam first.


We then found the perfect spot less than a kilometer away where we had all the privacy we wanted…







After playing around, hanging from some branches and watching the sunset we headed back to Bangalore. It was the perfect day trip 😀